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Am I a Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery?

Posted Sep 27, 2019 11:20:00 AM

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases plaguing American adults today. By most estimates, it affects as many as 1 in 3 individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 in forms such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you are one of these millions of patients, you understand all too well the pain, stiffness, and limitations that can accompany the disease. And, if arthritis has settled into your hip joints, you are acutely aware of just how drastically it can impact mobility. You may have even reached the point of considering a total hip replacement. Over 500,000 patients just like you do every year. But, how can you be certain that a hip replacement is the best choice for you? Below are a few points that you will need to consider.

Who Should Have Hip Replacement Surgery?

Determining if it's time to consider hip replacement surgery should be based on the severity of the condition and how frequently it interferes with day-to-day life. Signs that you may be a candidate for hip replacement include:

  • Pain that does not improve with rest
  • Difficulty walking up stairs, bending over, sitting down, or standing from a seated position
  • Joint stiffness inhibits range-of-motion
  • More conservative treatment methods do not provide adequate relief

While hip replacement is a safe and effective procedure for most patients meeting the above requirements, there are some cases where the procedure is not recommended. Only a qualified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip replacements can determine if hip replacement is an appropriate option for you.

Hip Replacements in Baton Rouge

If you are suffering from severe hip arthritis that interferes with your comfort and daily life, joint replacement surgery may be a viable option for you. The Bone and Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge is home to several of the area's leading orthopedic surgeons. To request a consultation, learn more about the procedure, and potentially schedule your own hip replacement, click below to contact our office.