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BAM Procedure Overview

Biologic augmented microdrilling (BAM) is an outpatient procedure that infuses damaged knee cartilage with stem cells derived from bone marrow to promote regeneration and improve symptomatic pain and stiffness. It is an alternative to total knee replacement (TKR) surgery and is especially helpful for those whose age or condition may not yet warrant TKR.

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How Does the BAM Procedure Work?

BAM is an arthroscopic procedure performed in an outpatient setting.  Small holes are drilled in the bone surrounding the damaged cartilage, allowing local stem cells derived from bone marrow to be mobilized to the site.  Augmenting this procedure with biologic injections post-operatively can aid in promoting cartilage regeneration.  At The Cartilage Regeneration Center at Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge, Dr. Broyles employs the following treatment timeline for BAM patients:

  • Day 1 - Microdrilling surgery and initial biologic injection
  • 5 Weeks Post-Op - Weekly biologic injections, physical therapy 4 to 5 times per week, and daily use of a continuous passive motion machine
  • 4 Months Post-Op - Weekly biologic injections for 3 weeks and physical therapy 2 times per week
  • 12 Months Post-Op - Weekly biologic injections for 3 weeks

Biologic Injections with BAM

Key to the success of BAM is the regular use of biologic injections.  These injections deliver biologics that are specific to the purpose of cartilage health and regeneration.  They include:


bone marrow aspirate concentrateBone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) - BMAC is comprised of stem cells derived from a patient's own bone marrow.  These are the driving force behind cartilage repair and key to BAM's success.




platelet rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) - PRP is blood that contains concentrated growth factors.  They contribute to the process by helping provide an ideal environment in which cartilage regeneration can occur.



hyaluronic acid-569320-edited

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - HA is a naturally occurring substance within the body and serves as part of the synovial fluid that keeps joints lubricated.  Loss of HA is thought to be a primary contributor to joint pain and stiffness.


Benefits of the BAM Procedure

BAM is a relatively new procedure that has shown incredible promise in treated patients.  Among the most notable benefits are:

  • Ability to promote cartilage repair through use of the body’s own stem cells and naturally occurring substances
  • Rare occurrence of complications such as infection or blood clots
  • Cartilage repair that can continue to improve for years after the procedure
  • Effective treatment option for those who are experiencing knee pain but whose age or condition make them unlikely candidates for knee replacement

If you’ve been diagnosed with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis in your knee or hip and are looking for an alternative to total joint replacement, cartilage regeneration may be an option for you. 

If you have general questions about the procedures or requirements, visit the Cartilage Regeneration Center website

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