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A Dual Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Specialist Returns to Baton Rouge

Posted Oct 22, 2018 1:55:53 PM

You can take an athlete off of the field, but you can’t always keep them off of the team. Dr. Julie Neumann of the Bone and Joint Clinic is a prime example of this. Her passion for athletics and a team atmosphere has taken her across the country and back home to Baton Rouge.

A Family of Physicians in Baton Rouge

To say that practicing medicine runs in the family is an understatement. Not only did her parents meet during med school at LSU, but 4 of the 5 siblings on her mom’s side of the family are also doctors. The affinity for medicine is not generational as Dr. Julie Neumann now works down the hall from her brother, Dr. Matthew Neumann. As brother and sister, they draw inspiration from one another in improving patient care and growing their respective practices. The only glimmer of a sibling rivalry is when her brother is caught taking snacks out of her office. All is fair in love and war. 


When practicing medicine is in your bloodline, it's difficult for Dr. Julie Neumann to isolate her career path decision down to one moment. However, the one factor that stood out from the rest was observing the satisfaction that her father had in his job practicing maternal-fetal medicine. The impact he had and still has on lives and the community made pursuing a career in medicine a simple decision for Dr. Neumann.


A Baton Rouge Orthopedic Specialist with Diverse Training

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Neumann was an active athlete. Competing in everything from swimming, track, and volleyball to softball, and soccer; she loved being a part of a team, eventually playing soccer at Louisiana State University. This collegiate experience, her love for sports, and her desire to become a doctor made for a natural transition into orthopedics. Who better to help athletes than an athlete that understands injuries, treatment, and recovery?


After graduating from LSU Medical School in New Orleans, Neumann completed her residency at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. While at Duke she served on the medical staff for the Blue Devils’ 2015 men’s basketball national championship team. The following year she received the 2016 Award of Excellence in Orthopedic Research from the Duke University Medical Center.


A Baton Rouge Orthopedic Specialist with Dual Fellowship

Dr. Neumann completed the first of her two fellowships at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles, California. This fellowship in Sports Medicine offered Neumann to provide care for LA’s professional athletes playing for the Rams, Kings, Dodgers, and Sparks.


While she studied sports medicine at Duke University and completed her fellowship in Los Angeles, Neumann was also intrigued by the anatomy of the foot and ankle. With rapidly developing technology, new ideas, and a variety of procedures and treatments available for foot and ankle injuries, she decided to pursue a second fellowship in foot and ankle.


After completing her yearlong foot and ankle fellowship at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Neumann was now a dual-fellowship doctor with the goal of having a sports medicine and foot and ankle practice where she can spend 50% of her time on each concentration.


Orthopedics is a fun field. It keeps Neumann connected to athletes and allows her to work with active, motivated patients. Seeing them progress from diagnosis to recovery after surgery is one of the most fulfilling parts of her job.


An Orthopedic Specialist Focused on Patient Outcomes

Just like in any athletic event, what matters most are results which is why the patient outcome is a top focus for Dr. Julie Neumann. Learning from world-renowned mentors, experiencing complex cases, and training in a variety of areas has increased her ability to provide better care for her patients. And, the fact that she can leverage this rich experience and apply it in the community where she grew up is incalculable. Considering she works inside her field of passion in her hometown alongside family, Dr. Julie Neumann feels she has scored a hat-trick for workplace bliss. And, when it comes to their care, patients of Dr. Julie Neumann are quickly discovering they have chosen a winner.

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