If you’ve been diagnosed with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis in your knee or hip and are looking for an alternative to total joint replacement, cartilage regeneration may be an option for you. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr Joseph Broyles has completed a clinical trial with 21 knee patients with a procedure that utilizes your body’s own stem cells to regrow lost cartilage and has been invited to present his research at various regional and national meetings. Learn more about knee treatment.

Interested patients should call the Bone and Joint Clinic at (225) 766-0050 for an appointment with Dr. Broyles. He will evaluate you and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the Knee AMS.

Click here to visit The Cartilage Regeneration Center website. If you have general questions about the procedures or requirements, please call (225) 421-8207 or fill out our information request form.